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60 Pieces of Gold

Art direction / Interface design / UX / Visual design

The 60 Pieces of Gold was launched as part of the Australian Financial Review’s 60th birthday. The aim was to incentivise their readers to further explore their online and newspaper content.

Everyday a gold coin was hidden in both the newspaper and online. A clue was sent out in accompaniment for the coin hunt. Once a coin was found and safely stored in a coin box, the reader was then rewarded with a golden story.


Blurb website redesign

Interface design / UX / Visual design

For this pitch, the existing Blurb website was deconstructed to develop a more engaging way for users to interact with the content. The challenge was to find a balance of an ecommerce site that catered for a social community.

The art direction was to create a more personalized creative vibe. A place where Blurb bookmakers could inspire each other but also showcase their own work. The UI design was simplified to allow users to navigate through a heavy content site with ease.


Australia's Sharpest Business Mind

Interface design / Visual design

This interactive challenge was part of the Financial Review ipad app. Each day, users challenged themselves with a series of questions on the latest business and market developments.

Every week, a winner was immortalised in an illustration. A framed printed version was then sent to the winner and also published online in all its glory.


Urban Society website

Interface design / Visual design

Before Urban Society became a lifestyle guide, the original idea was a deals site for high end products, services and entertainment. The design was to reflect sophistication and exclusivity unlike most deal site.


Couch Potato

potato cutting / typography

This real-life typography installation is a collaboration with fellow designer Nick Keppol. Each letter was hand cut from individual potatoes and photographed over 22 days.



Art direction / Interface design / Visual design


Hausmann website design

Art direction / Interface design / Visual design


Official Barsliding Championship

Art direction / Interface design / Visual design

The Barsliding Championship was an on-premise event that allowed bar patrons to experience an old fashioned saloon whilst taking on the barsliding challenge using modern technology.

The aim of the challenge was to slide a shot of Jack Daniel’s down the bar and land on the center of the target. First a user must register themselves on the designated ipad app. Results were then displayed live on a display screen and later posted on the campaign site. A camera was set up on top and bottom of the bar to record the position of each attempt.


National Geographic Channel site design

Art direction / Interface design / Visual design

The National Geographic Channel site is an online television network that features documentaries on nature, science, culture and history. Due to the large amount of content within the site, users were finding trouble navigating the site and finding related content on programs they loved.

The homepage architecture was completely revamped with a weekly themed hero section with added click off points to allow access to more of the featured content.


Cities Love Micra

Illustration/ animation / Visual design


Make Any Day an Adventure

Art direction / Animation / Visual design

Reserve Bank of Australia

Get to Know Your Banknotes

Art direction / Interface design

This was a winning pitch for the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Banknotes microsite. The purpose of the site was to educate people (particulary students) the elements of banknotes and how to recognize counterfeits.

The site educates users through various interactive modules where one is allowed to drag, zoom and flip virtual banknotes to bring up more information about specific features. A series of e-learning games were also developed to test a user’s knowledge. These included the Banknote quiz challenge, Eye Spy Security Features and Banknote Puzzle


Official Bar Sliding Championship

Art direction / Interface design / Visual design

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Bravenewform is Caroline.W.Chu. A digital designer / art directions for fun / worked in both Sydney & New York / believes in functional designs & user experiences / loves typography / adores bikes / passionate edible balcony gardener / has eclectic taste in music / loves foreign films / can't wait to travel again / looking forward to meeting you.


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